Stands for headphones

About me

The mission

Long time ago, tired of having my desk full of objects, keyboard, mouse, coffee, blog notes, headphones … I decided I had to change. I invented a product for my iMac to hang my headphones that achieve stylish. Gradually I saw that object became more important to me and I must share with the world. Kancha’s why I created so that everyone can have a workspace clean and tidy. 

Before I made more versions to different computers and launching products for people to hang everything products bother to order. That’s why I want to convey a lifestyle where people hang their problems, they are do not worry with work, business, family… and be happy and enjoy the people you love, friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, pets…

Kancha & Percentages

Branding & Identity: 85%

Kancha® is a brand that is projected in all of his products. For all products have the same identity, the visual style and help to accomplish the mission.


Project Management: 80%

We try to launch innovative products and designs to meet all needs and tastes. The R & D department of the laboratory is always working.

Marketing: 60%

The online marketing is an essential online tool for e-commerce. So step by step we will be more widespread on Internet. For everyone know all our news.


Logistics: 95%

Free shipping world wide ordering Kancha, because everyone deserves an comfort and style in his workspace.

User Interface Design: 75%

We use a simple and clean design so that our users can be informed and carefully choose which product fits in his lifestyle.


Photography: 85%

We take care of our photos so you can see how our products coexist in workspaces. To not have to use your imagination.

Meet the team